i’m introducing a new series to the blog every friday i can muster. “friday findings,” i’ll call it, and i’ll be curating some weekly favorites i have found recently so that you, too, can benefit from all the awesomeness. because when i find something that i love, i can’t help but rave about it. 

to read // NEXT ISSUE // umm hi. I LOVE MAGAZINES. love. i do love me some books but when you’ve got some time on the couch at the end of the day and you want some mindless browsing – what’s better? i am always a sucker for grabbing those magazine at the airport when i travel (which is a lot) or at the grocery store when i’m checking out (which is even more often). i just knew i was spending way too much on magazines that i’d throw away after months of hoarding them for no reason. plus, my husband hates that ol’ habit of mine. “babe, can we throw these away yet?!”  enter “next issue.” i’m in love. in one single app, i can have unlimited access to all of my favorite magazines, including back issues! whatttt?! it’s a magazine funhouse, i tell ya. and there’s no paper, no waste, no clutter. i had a magazine problem and now, problem solved. genius.

to eat // THE SKINNY TASTE COOKBOOK // another problem i have but can’t solve as easily as magazine hoarding is cookbook hoarding. i blame my mother. i remember her having tons and tons lining her shelves in the kitchen. sometimes i like to think i could beat the system with every recipe ever on the interwebs available at my fingertips, but i adore the books. the pretty pages, the beautiful food photos, and the whole collecting thing. i wouldn’t say that all of my cookbooks are used a lot but since purchasing the skinny taste cookbook, i’ve got a new favorite. i visit this site all the time for her recipes and pre-ordered her cookbook forever ago. it finally arrived to me a couple weeks ago and it’s chock full of goodies that are oh so yummy and super healthy for you. boom.

to do werk // CRASH PLAN // as a photographer, backups are essential to keeping my business secure and profitable. i have tried a lot of online backup options, all of which were too expensive, took too long to backup my files, or were tricky to recover files from. then i heard about crash plan. affordable, fast backups, and so easy to recover files from should anything happen to them. worth every freakin penny of $5 a month. smart investment for photographers or for family home computers alike. yes indeedy do.

to be well // MOON VALLEY ORGANICS, REJUVENATING RUB // this stuff. THIS STUFF. my best friend was in town last weekend and she owns a fabulous spa in naples, fl. she’s always on the hunt for new skincare products to carry in her spa and when we were in pike place market, she came across moon valley organics and their products. after sampling it, i bought their rejuvenating rub. it combines mint and lavender to create cooling and calming effects on any painful areas on your body. you just massage it on, breathe deep, and chill out. i’m telling ya, this stuff works. it’s been the most amazing remedy for my headaches, sore back aches, post-wedding tight shoulders, etc. plus, it smells amazing.

to peruse // INSTAGRAM, JENNAKUTCHER // instagram continues to amaze me for being such a dynamic platform/community to explore, admire, and inspire individuals who are doing, seeing, and experiencing great things. every once in a while, i stumble upon an instagram account that i check daily simply because it makes me happy. jenna’s images are an uplifting combination of her photography work, lettering work, recipes, and home decorating. go check out her account. it’s a real visual treat.

to treat yoself // CUYANA BAGS // bags. bags and more bags. they’re heavenly. and when they’re slouchy and made of soft leather – yummo. i don’t own one of these beauties myself but i got to hold one and i’m coveting. they’re gorgeous aren’t they? hmmm, christmas is around the corner, isn’t it? :)

P.S. to listen to // fall playlist 2014 // i released it earlier this week. have you treated your ears to a listen yet? cause you should. here you go.

let me know what you think about this new series and perhaps if you’d like to see any new categories on here. sharing is caring, ya’ll. til next friday, then. xoxo.







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