it’s fall, ya’ll. my absolute favorite season. and with a change in the seasons comes a list of personal favorite fall items. i thought i’d share what i’ve been loving lately and, of course, share JQP’s annual fall mix to round things off. so bring on the cozy, the chilled, the spice, the folk, and the fall fashion. here’s what i’ve been loving lately.

1. lo & sons o.g. bag // the fall foliage weekend getaway bag

this has quickly become one of my all time favorite products and companies. i found out about this wonder bag from a friend/blog i stalk regularly, table for two (pretty much whatever julie says to do, to eat, to buy, to see, i obey). she was raving and i knew i needed a travel bag for this year, #theyearofthetravelingphotog. i’ve abused this bag hard this year. like, hard. and it’s been such a trusty companion. billy calls it my “mary poppins bag” because i pack all of my clothes, toiletries, shoes, and more in this bag for a couple weeks traveling and it all fits. no exaggeration. people i’ve stayed with in chicago can testify to how much i can fit into this bag. when i travel, i bring a roller bag but guess what that roller bag contains…all my photography gear. anything else to survive while i’m traveling plays second fiddle and has to be packed into my smaller carryon, which happens to be my lo & sons. and when i get to my destination, i take everything out and use it as my cross-body purse (cause it ain’t too big!) i love this thing. when this one wears out, i’ll be getting another immediately. and another, and another. check out the rest of their items too! they just came out with a photo bag as well!


2. steven smith tea // for sipping and soul-warming

steven smith, the founder of tazo teas, has produced another tremendous line of teas from portland. it’s a pnw thing and i’ve caught on. picked up my first assorted box of smith’s tea from a local boutique in seattle and i’m hooked. the branding, packaging, and tea flavors he offers lured me in. harney & sons tea held my heart for a while and i still adore that stuff, but lately, i’ve latched on tight to smith (and not only because it’s gonna be my new last name in 6 months!!!). to my avid tea lover friends, pick up an assortment for yourself and cozy up. you’ll adore.


3. sydney hale & co. // woodsmoke & amber

so i have this theory that the air in heaven will smell like some kind of magical combination of campfire, pine trees, and seaside. i’ve wondered for some time now, why i couldn’t get a candle that smelled like campfire when it was truly my favorite scent ever. a friend told me about sydney hale’s candles and actually, i’m a huge fan of the candles they put out for dudes. the dude line is all tobacco, pine, wood stuff. you know, lumberjack scents. and i adore them. woodsmoke & amber makes your entire home smell like campfire. and i’m in heaven in my own home each night when it’s lit.


4. sperry boots // avon leather lace-ups

i was just being a typical seattlite one day and spending my day in a glamorous coffee shop, drinking a soy latte, when these boots walked into my life. a girl was wearing them and after shamelessly lusting over them for a bit, i walked up and told her i adored her boots. she was sweet and said her thanks and told me that she actually asked another girl wearing them one day where she got them. naturally i asked where i could pick up a pair and immediately returned to my chair, stalked ebay for a bit and found a pair (they’re a little tough to find since sperry doesn’t carry them anymore). i can’t wait to break them in this season. 


5. lulu lemon vinyasa scarf // a million different ways to wear it

i don’t shop at lulu. hardly ever. or rather, i would if i went in. it’s on my list of top dangerous stores to go into without a purpose. among target, the apple store, and anthropologie, if i don’t know exactly what i need, i don’t go in. cause it’s just not safe for my wallet. so, yeah, i don’t go in. but one time my friend came to visit me in seattle and she made me go inside. and duh, i found a scarf. surprise surprise. but some girl in lulu was wearing it as a baby swaddler for her babe, and another girl was wearing it as a hoodie, and someone else was wearing it as a shirt and then i couldn’t walk out of the store without it. it’s stretchy like a pair of yoga pants, real big, cozy, and has snaps! revolutionary, ya’ll. for reals. and in seattle climate, it’s clutch. here’s a little vid on some of the ways you can wear it. 


6. marley yellow throw // crate & barrel cozy

billy and i registered at crate & barrel recently and i walked out of the store with one thing i couldn’t wait until april for. i’ve never met a mug, a scarf, or a blanket i didn’t like. and this one was calling my name. softer than a baby’s bottom and gorgeously mustard – it’s a new favorite. it’s a throw, so it’s thrown over the orange leather chair in the living room until i watch an episode of homeland at night and need a coverup. it’s yummo. 


7. fall 2013 playlist // the annual JQP seasonal mix

if a new season starts without a JQP mix, is it really a new season? :) jk, but if you’re in the mood for some folky goodness and new tunes, look no further. i’ve compiled a soundtrack for all your fall activities. my fall mixes are always a little softer & more mellow. i like waking up on a crisp morning and starting it slow with tunes like these. the list lives on spotify. you know the drill.  




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