it’s july already and i wish summer would slow down a bit. as a wedding photographer, i’ve gotten in the routine of working on the weekends and having my weeks to myself to do everything else business related that may not be as much shooting. this past weekend, however, i didn’t shoot a wedding. part of me felt guilty in a way that i didn’t have anything to contribute to the wedding world this morning, like so many of my photographer idols did and usually do. but then as i was reliving the weekend during my workout this morning, i was so thankful for the time spent with friends. i was thankful for the hot summer sun and the incredible joy it brought this weekend. i was thankful for the break and the chance to refuel.
i spend a lot of time by myself during the week, at my computer and doing errands and working on a new website, etc. it’s definitely been an adjustment – working on a different schedule than most of my peers. but i have found new joys, had new experiences, formed new habits, and the artist’s way of working is one that fits me. it’s becoming hard to think of doing it any other way. i work saturdays & sundays. and i have most of my meetings after 5 with clients during the week so remembering to take a weekend for myself (during the week) has become a challenge simply because it’s not when anyone else takes a weekend. small gatherings and time for my non-photography life becomes intentional. and it will become even more intentional as my wedding season amps back up to finish out the summer and explode in the fall.

i’ve also become intentional about finding sources of inspiration that strengthen my art, my brand, and my vision for what i want my business to be. pinning, of course, leads me to so many different sites and if i’m not careful, i’ll waste hours. i’ve recently stumbled upon kinfolk magazine. not sure how i never heard of it before, since it’s in its fourth volume. and anthropology sells it in their stores. and i’m noticing it on the bookshelves of some friends lately. but i found it recently and i’m in love. i purchased the first volume in print and the second and third on the ipad to scroll through. i’ll be buying the fourth volume that just came out today and i can’t wait to curl up and soak it in when it arrives at my doorstep. i love it for its portrayal of simple & lovely socials. i love it for showing exactly what it means to be intentional about making time for others and for what it has say about enjoying the time to yourself. the stories and images and videos on their website have been a reminder to me about searching for stronger art in my images and about the lifestyle i want to not take for granted in tandem with my career – simple, uncomplicated, and less contrived. it’s a quarterly magazine that is the marriage of my appreciation for art and design and my love for spending time with family and friends. each volume is a delicious collection of ways to entertain. entertaining for one, for two, or for many. with 50 artists collaborating on each volume, it’s not your average magazine. it’s more of a hearty read and a reminder of the importance of small gatherings. gatherings that invite you to share stories, eat rich foods, and serve each other.

[photo by carissa galo]

“recognize that there is something about a table shared by friends, not just a wedding or once-a-year holiday extravaganza, that anchors our relationships and energizes us. it didn’t take me long for me to learn that my heart was endeared to small intimate gatherings, those that are defined by good food, great background music, and honest conversation. come with a word. think about a story. come to eat. we are here together.”

watch the Kinfolk Manifesto this monday morning and order the magazine for yourself. remind yourself to make the most of this summer and revel in the gatherings. in the meantime, here’s a few photos from my time on a boat with friends this weekend. may you have many chances to eat, drink, and be merry this summer with others.


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