Monthly Archives: December 2012

the glow of a mama in waiting is one of the most beautiful things to see in life. there’s a peace that comes with waiting. a woman, and couple, that is expecting is visibly centered and united over this bringing of new life into the world. and you can imagine it’s quite the joy to […]

i’ve been a tad MIA on this here bloggity. i’ve got tons of images to share but really, it’s because i’ve been a bit overwhelmed on tons of fresh new starts for 2013. for months now, i’ve been gearing up to launch a new brand for my business. i was aiming to hit the ground […]

my job leads me into some pretty spectacular experiences. and this was no exception. heading into simeon career academy on the south side of chicago, i knew i was entering a legendary space. with derrick rose, ben wilson (benji), and now jabari parker all having attended the academy. skullcandy has chosen the academy as it’s […]