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Our trip to Iceland & Amsterdam. With photos by yours truly and a little write-up about it all from my husband, Billy…   Sunny. Dry. Warm. Cheap. None of these words described our trip to Iceland. In fact, it was overcast, wet, cold and pricey… the entire time. But sunshine isn’t what makes an adventure […]

in denver, it’ll be a high of 25 today. somehow we skipped right over fall and went straight into winter from summer here a couple of weeks ago. that may be why my fall 2016 playlist also got skipped all together :) but the good news is, i’ve combined tunes i would have included on […]

trade in those winter frocks for lighter threads. feel that warm sun on your face. come on out from your winter hibernation and thaw out a bit. cherry blossoms are in full bloom and summer is just around the corner. it’s spring y’all and i’ve got your soundtrack. my 8th annual spring mix is full […]

i swear i love fall more and more every year. the scents, the tastes, the feels, the football, the bonfires, the clothes, the holidays, the weather, the apple spice and pumpkin everything. and even though (dare i say) i am not a fan of the ever sought-after pumpkin spice latte (gasp! it’s too sweet for me), […]

today is a good day. a grand day. it’s a historical day for our country and there are so many who have endless reasons to celebrate today. currently, i’m front-porch sitting at my adorable b&b with the magnificent rockies taking up my entire view. it’s fitting that i’m here to capture the wedding & union of […]