Monthly Archives: November 2014

Nestled in an adorably quaint loft above Seattle’s Melrose Market, is Butter Home. This gem of a shop opened in November 2010 stock full of perfect little gifts, housewares, and lovely handmade goods. Within it’s first year of opening, Butter Home was featured in Seattle Magazine as the best new store in Seattle! This week, the stop […]

i’ve got another installment of friday findings for ya’ll on the blog. things i’m loving lately. things i wish i owned. things that should probably be added into your daily life cause they’re just that great. to read // NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL, Lena Dunham // i’m kind of in love with lena. she’s super confident, […]

Ashley Rodriguez founded her business, Not Without Salt, in 2009. She loved everything about the foodblogging world, especially how it allowed her to be creative and pursue her passions while being able to stay at home with her three children. Since 2009, Not Without Salt has grown to become an award-winning cooking blog and has […]

i was lying awake in bed one night, as i usually do, and i thought, “what if i could get to know seattle a bit more? more specifically, its small businesses. as a small business owner myself, i am constantly wanting to learn more about how to better run things. as a people person, i […]

everyone’s favorite family. or at least, they’re definitely mine. i’ve photographed and documented this family playing together for 5 years now, and every year it’s even more enjoyable. every year, the winkler siblings run around, we chase, they roll in the dirt, tickle fight, and we all enjoy each other as i document a family […]