Monthly Archives: September 2014

faith and justin are a dynamite duo. their shared faith and their love for each other is so apparent in their interactions. they pulled off one of the most elegant weddings i’ve ever seen. the four seasons in downtown seattle was the perfect backdrop for their sparkling party. gold and rose tones filled every corner […]

in a heavenly setting a little north of seattle near the water, rachel & james’ wedding day took place. on their day, moments passed with ease. the girls giggled as they took their time getting ready with their bridey best friend. the boys munched on meat & cheese platters and took their sweet time doing […]

last thursday, i had my first experience freelance shooting for the seattle seahawks. i couldn’t help but relish this new opportunity when they asked me to spend a game day at centurylink field. i’ve had experience capturing the fan experience at other games and events but photographing the nfl fan experience was an entirely new […]

it’s been quite the busy season here in the smith household. with my very full wedding season winding down and billy’s crazy football season gearing up, we knew we needed to take a quick break when we could. labor day weekend wasn’t in the cards but we found ourselves with 2.5 days of freedom this […]

sometimes i get to photograph the weddings of very close friends. of course before that actually happens, those friends always ask if i’d rather photograph their day or attend it. 9 times out of 10, my answer is “please let me photograph it.” because the truth is this- i get to be by their side […]