Monthly Archives: May 2014

it’s not every day my pseudo niece turns 1. but when she does, you bet your bottom dollar i’ll be there to document it.  i’ve documented a lot of life happenings for my dear friends, kate and tim. i’ve also captured most of their daughter’s life so far, including the precious time before she arrived […]

i’ve known liz and drew for nearly a decade now, when our friendships all started in college. many of you know that my husband, billy, and i met in our college a cappella group (i like to say “pitch perfect style”) and our entire music community from college gets a little giddy when two jmu […]

these two made a pact when they got married to always document their relationship when a big life event happened to them. moving from san diego to seattle seemed like a big enough life event to document so they called me up and we headed down to discovery park one brisk morning this spring and […]

leg three and four of our honeymoon were definitely our favorites. after my brother studied abroad and visited the cinque terre, he encouraged billy and i to make it a key location on our trip. so glad we did. and rome- i did not expect to fall in love with rome as much as i […]

we’re both still reeling from our incredible honeymoon in italy. looking back on it all, it was truly the perfect experience for us as newlyweds. billy and i established long ago, when thinking of locations for our honeymoon, that we just aren’t “lay on the beach types.” we never have been. and even though we […]