Monthly Archives: February 2012

a text from my boyfriend woke me up this morning. “it’s so gorgeous outside.” 60 degrees. in february. in chicago. a rarity, to say the least. i immediately opened my bedroom window and instantly felt like singing, kinda like belle at the beginning of “beauty and the beast.” little town…YUP. it was a photo walk kinda […]

there’s something so apparent about a love that’s made it. made it through a move together on nothing but a leap of faith and a few dollars in their pockets. a love that’s seen a lot of change and compromise for both individuals and is stronger for it. it’s happier for it. a matured love […]

i am beyond thrilled to finally share this long post featuring brittany and andrew white. a few weeks back, i found myself in the washington, d.c. area shooting a wedding. in the months leading up to it, word got around that i’d be back on the east coast and i had some requests for various […]

i met kevin at trinity forum academy when i was a fellow there in 2009. he came for an interview and i showed him around. he lived in chicago at the time and i knew i was moving back there. as soon as i moved back to chicago, he was accepted to the academy and […]