I do real and honest and intimate, and, of course, I want to have a damn good time with you. I like wild & open spaces. I like grungy urban lofts with quirky signs and brick walls with character. I like remote family cabins with a backyard that held every single childhood memory. I will absolutely join you on the dance floor, especially if I hear “Return of the Mack” or “Come on, Eileen.” I may just “teach you how to Dougie” if the vibe is alive. I always ugly cry when the bride dances with her dad or when I can catch a glimpse of how the parents watch their children say “I do” during the ceremony.

I am in constant communication with you from the moment I receive your inquiry, to the moment you say your vows, and ever after. We map out timelines before the big day. I fluff your dress on the big day. We gush over sneak peeks of you after your day has ended. I love and want to be involved in every aspect of getting you in front of my camera. And because I always give it my all, I am selective about taking on work that can give back to me in return. I value the in-between moments the most because that is what will make your day fully & blatantly yours. I aim to capture all the things, yes, but I know I have just given it my all when I’ve also documented every inch that you may have not even had the time to notice that day. That’s my job, after all.

How I do it

the JQP experience

 “I do real and honest and intimate, and, of course, I want to have a damn good time with you.”

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"The truth is, we planned our wedding date around Jordan."

My biggest push for hiring Jordan is due to her personality and gorgeous photography. You will have incredible fun when you are in her presence (as well as your wedding party, family, and guests.) Additionally, there is an added bonus that Jordan's photography is stunningly beautiful. Jordan has the ability to capture candid and sincere moments so naturally and perfectly, her work is true art that you will have for a lifetime to reference and reflect.

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"She made us feel comfortable ... SHE'S JUST A DREAM"

I can't speak highly enough about Jordan Quinn Photography. Once I was engaged, I knew my first order of business was booking Jordan. I had seen her photos from other friends who had booked her and knew her style would be perfect for us. Communicating with her was a piece of cake, like talking to an old friend. She made us so comfortable and captured such beautiful images for our wedding. She's just a dream. Even our wedding guests commented on how great she was and how fun she was to work with that day. Can't recommend her enough.

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"The photos captured the feeling of the day."

I would give her six stars if I could. Jordan is a talented, thoughtful, lovely, awesome, grounded, gifted, photography ROCK STAR! Jordan took incredible photos of our wedding weekend that captured more than the images; they captured the feeling of the day. When I look at the photos (and I haven't even seen them all yet!) I am transported back into the joyful feeling of being with my husband and community. If that's not what wedding photos are supposed to do, I don't know what is!

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"I'd have jordan no matter the distance."

I promised myself I'd have Jordan for my own wedding, no matter the distance. She was kind enough to work out HER OWN wedding so that she could get back from her honeymoon in time to make my dreams come true & be in Pittsburgh for our big day. She was so very accommodating. 

Jordan has such an eye for all things beautiful & captures such unique angles that I haven't seen with many wedding photographers out there. I cannot tell you the compliments we've received on the photos.

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I'm always elated & oh so proud to see my couples featured in worldwide publications. Several of those features are listed here.

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frequently asked questions

Just like searching for a pair of jeans, I've found one size doesn't fit all and therefore craft & tailor each collection to the couple. Say hello to the perfect fit.


I love a good story and when love is involved? Heck yes. Anniversary, engagement, just-because. The story never ends, really. And that's the beauty of it.


I'm all about providing you with dynamic imagery that makes your brand sing. Send me the details of your project and I'll reply with some custom solutions.


begins at $550

email for details

open now

Email me or fill in my contact page! I’ll get right back to you with more detailed pricing and wedding collection options. From there, we can find the right collection for you or customize a few things to create your own. I firmly believe that when it comes to my photography services on your wedding day, one size does not fit all. Don’t be afraid to mix and match a few things to make it all your own! For weddings, in order to reserve your date, a non-refundable 50% deposit is required. A contract will get us all signed, sealed, and delivered for the big day. Email: jordan@jordanquinnphoto.com


I shoot with a pair of Canon 5d Mk 4s and corresponding Canon lenses. I rotate between a 35mm fixed, a 50mm fixed, 85mm fixed, 45mm tilt shift, 100mm macro, and 135mm fixed. I tend to use all of them on any given wedding day.


I often travel for the work I love. In fact, I’ve been known to travel every week in my busy season. Have passport. Will travel. If travel is local (within 50 miles of Denver) I do not require overnight accommodations. However, please inquire about specific costs regarding travel outside of 50 miles or out of state. Typically all travel is covered by my clients, including but not limited to, airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, etc.


I mainly use Lightroom for my editing. Occasionally, I’ll throw in some Photoshop if required. In Lightroom, I use my own presets that I’ve created to ensure that every image is consistent in tonality, lighting, and style. MY rule of thumb is that I want you to love your photos, I want your parents to love them and I want your grandparents to love them.


I vet my second shooters based on experience and if their work is complementary to my own. I have a short list of trusted photographers that I work with often, but am always open to shooting with new ones


Yes, of course. Every bit of gear that I own as well as my entire business is insured. I also make sure that each camera has dual memory so there is an instant copy of each photo stored inside my camera after it’s taken. Backups for the backups, people. It’s the only way.


I’ve heard it all. Send me a note, and I’ll do my best to answer anything!


I’ve just started offering mentoring sessions. If you’ve got questions about how I started or want to pick my brain about what I’ve learned over the past 9 years of running this business, I’d love to share! I’d be nowhere without the help of my mentors early on and my goal is only to pay it forward. For a full list of my mentorship offerings, shoot me an email or fill out my contact form.


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the faq

All about my people

You ditch the shot list.

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You invite me into the biggest day of your lives and trust that I’ve got your back. Don’t you worry ‘bout a thang.

All about my people

You are unabashedly lost in your day.

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Mud on the shoes? Ain’t got the blues. Wind-blown hair? Don’t care. You two know how to let it all go and just slay the day away.

All about my people

You're excited about your wedding day,

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but you know your marriage will be the real prize in the bottom of the cracker jack box.

All about my people

You're probably Saturday farmer's market Strollers

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and afternoon brewery beer drinker. You are concert goers and people of community. You are travelers and always enjoy grilling out.

All about my people

You would consider us to be mostly new friends.

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 There’s no such thing as “three is company” in this little relationship we’ve got going on here. 


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