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tis the season for family sessions. and this season has brought so many new wonderful seattle area families to JQP. the jackson family signed up for a family session months in advance and we finally met at volunteer park a couple of weeks ago to take some family portraits for the holidays. there’s nothing like […]

everyone’s favorite family. or at least, they’re definitely mine. i’ve photographed and documented this family playing together for 5 years now, and every year it’s even more enjoyable. every year, the winkler siblings run around, we chase, they roll in the dirt, tickle fight, and we all enjoy each other as i document a family […]

it’s not every day my pseudo niece turns 1. but when she does, you bet your bottom dollar i’ll be there to document it.  i’ve documented a lot of life happenings for my dear friends, kate and tim. i’ve also captured most of their daughter’s life so far, including the precious time before she arrived […]

the winklers. my dearest repeat customers. a family that i’ve been working with for four years. and now that i’ve moved away to seattle, i don’t know if there will be a fifth year. but i’ll try my darndest to catch them again every time i’m back in chicago. cause i’m territorial when it comes […]