camille & randy. what a phenomenal match these two are. they were wed at sodo park, one of my all-time favorite venues. but everyone knows i have a thing for lofty urban settings. sodo park trumps most i’ve seen, though. there’s some serious wow factor in that place, y’all. randy–losing it when he saw his girl […]

exquisite helen and her sweet love, fred. you’d be hard-pressed to find two nicer individuals on the face of this planet. they were wed at the olympic rooftop pavilion on top of hotel ballard. one of my favorite venues in seattle hosted the ceremony and celebration of their wedding with just their nearest and dearest. quiet […]

i swear i love fall more and more every year. the scents, the tastes, the feels, the football, the bonfires, the clothes, the holidays, the weather, the apple spice and pumpkin everything. and even though (dare i say) i am not a fan of the ever sought-after pumpkin spice latte (gasp! it’s too sweet for me), […]