Monthly Archives: April 2014

this one’s so near and dear to my heart. aly and dave are one of those couples that make it look so completely effortless, as they glide through life together. i couldn’t wait to document their day because of this fact. i knew from working with them before, that dave is one of those absolutely […]

just 10 more days to go. the checklist is growing smaller. final payments have been made. had my final dress fitting. the 10 day weather forecast is available. needless to say, most of our ducks are in a row and we’re just about ready to do this thing.  i’d say through it all, we’ve been […]

i love when my job brings me back to old friends. hanna and i connected in college and spent a blissful summer as kindred spirits in chicago years ago. we’ve stayed in touch over the years and as soon as she and her wonderful man, tyler, got engaged a few months ago, we figured out […]