Monthly Archives: November 2013

i flew clear across the country to be a part of rose and jon’s day. and i’d do it again in a heartbeat. it was the type of day that oozed connection in every way. rose and jon have a type of love that you can’t seem to figure out where one starts and one […]

my first weekend in the off season was delightful. i took advantage of some much needed relaxation and also took advantage of the rare november sun here in seattle. we’ve had a string of beautifully sunny days this past week and i’ve heard that almost never happens in november. billy and i took a day […]

it was a glorious fall day in geneva, illinois at the herrington inn. i had been waiting to photograph lauren and jay’s day for a long time. ever since they changed their wedding date just to have me there. talk about dream clients.  i walked into the suite where lauren and her girls were getting ready. […]

this past year, i started offering albums in my wedding collections. it was time. as a little girl, i remember flipping through my parents’ fine art album from their day. it was delightfully heavy, filled with thick pages of every memory. it told a story beginning to end. it has lasted impeccably well for over 30 […]

i’m a dreamer. i always have been. daydreamer. vivid night dreamer. big grand plan dreamer.  billy’s a dreamer too. granted, he’s far more strategic than i am – coming up with action plans and logical steps to attain those dreams of his.   but together, we have reached high heights and grasped lofty goals. it’s […]