Monthly Archives: October 2013

there’s really not much to say about this session only because i think the photos speak for themselves on this one. i grinned like a fool going through these. i knew pretty quickly as i went through them that it had become one of my very favorite sessions i’ve ever shot.  the energy. the emotion. […]

katie and chad have been dear friends to billy and i ever since we lived in chicago. when billy and i were considering a move to seattle, we found out that katie and chad were also considering it for the exact same reason…katie and billy work together and they both landed jobs out here, moving […]

anya & andy’s wedding was bound to be one of the best of 2013. there’s no way it wasn’t going to be with the combination of their no fuss nature, the community surrounding them, and the couple they are together. add a casual, campy background and some of the best kind of late summer summer, […]

so i meant to post this yesterday because, well, today’s thursday. but i kind of lose track of the week days at this point in the year. forgive me, will ya? but from now on, posts about my own wedding will always happen on a wednesday. because i’m crazy about alliteration :)  no that wedding […]

the winklers. my dearest repeat customers. a family that i’ve been working with for four years. and now that i’ve moved away to seattle, i don’t know if there will be a fifth year. but i’ll try my darndest to catch them again every time i’m back in chicago. cause i’m territorial when it comes […]