Monthly Archives: September 2013

it’s fall, ya’ll. my absolute favorite season. and with a change in the seasons comes a list of personal favorite fall items. i thought i’d share what i’ve been loving lately and, of course, share JQP’s annual fall mix to round things off. so bring on the cozy, the chilled, the spice, the folk, and […]

jesse & ben’s wedding last fall continues to amaze. it’s crazy but when i was typing in “loft wedding” on pinterest to research ideas for my own wedding the other day, i was giddy to see images of my dear couple’s wedding thrown all over pinterest. seriously, everywhere.  not surprised, though. their wedding was gorgeous. […]

caleb reached out to me a while back about possible engagement photos here in seattle. they just moved out here from the midwest, like billy and i, and are getting married back in illinois on april 26th, like billy and i. after caleb told me about their story, i knew i had to meet them […]

by now, i’ve seen almost all there is to see when it comes to throwing a wedding. i can also tell you the top five elements of this year’s trends in weddings. i can tell you that wedding styles aren’t often total expressions of who a couple is but rather just a following of the […]

the term “shoot & share” has been floating around the photography community and in an effort to unpack that term for my clients, i thought i’d share a little bit about why i have decided to run my business as a “shoot & share” photographer. the wedding photographer’s industry has changed quite a bit in […]