Monthly Archives: April 2013

it has been raining for a solid week leading up to megan and kirk’s day. it was all over the national news that the midwest was flooded to record breaking levels. megan and kirk went to visit their venue, the morton arboretum, the day before their wedding day and the place was flooded. we all […]

  a little over a year ago, i was adopted into a family when i was hired to photograph ann & dameon’s fabulous wedding last february. i fell in love with that couple and their families and when ann’s younger sister, mary, got engaged, i was fortunate enough to get a phone call. we spoke […]

it’s april now. which means spring has sprung. it’s time to bust out the dayglow colors, warm up those flip flops, tuck the winter wardrobe away and bob ya head. at least this is all what i think of when april thaws me out from a long drawn out winter. i started a tradition back […]