Monthly Archives: January 2013

julie emailed me a while back. “i just want photos of us enjoying eachother…enjoying life.” deal. probably the best thing i can be told going into a session. they didn’t want the focus of their session to be on the belly per se, but instead of the new life they’re bringing into this world and […]

it’s my third sunny day in seattle. and in an area of the country where i’ve heard sun isn’t the norm, it’s liberating. after a four-day trek to get out here from chicago, it’s been exhilarating to be on my own schedule again. and in a town that is brand new to me, no less. […]

well, we’re staying in wall, south dakota for another night as we wait out the winter storm. which is comical, since the whole east side of the country is experience the warmest day this far into the winter season on record. but i’m sitting indian style back on the hotel bed i slept in last […]