Monthly Archives: July 2012

the blog’s been a somewhat lonely one lately. and it’s mostly because i haven’t been at my desk long enough to get stuff up. i’ve been back and forth between here and the east coast twice in two weeks. i’ve been second shooting weddings that don’t always make it up on the blog. i’ve been […]

sometimes it’s just fate between a couple and myself. and we meet a few times before actually getting to shoot together and that whole time i’m just waiting for the next time i get to see them. because of who they are as a couple but also because of the relationship i find myself building […]

i walked into the hotel room where liz and her girls were getting ready. “i’m so happy you’re here, jordan,” liz tells me. she squeals as she shows me her dress and her shoes. she asked me what size shoe i was and if i wanted to try on her wedding shoes. that’s the kind […]

i’ve been wanting to capture “a day in the life of” individuals that I know and admire for some time now. in my efforts to find more intimate stories, i started talking to my friend, kate, about the potential to come shoot in her home and bring to life through images the home she, her […]

it’s july already and i wish summer would slow down a bit. as a wedding photographer, i’ve gotten in the routine of working on the weekends and having my weeks to myself to do everything else business related that may not be as much shooting. this past weekend, however, i didn’t shoot a wedding. part […]