Monthly Archives: May 2012

the joys of shooting really little ones comes for me when i’m editing after the fact. as i was going through these i found myself giggling at my desk. the wherry family and i, especially little bryce and i, had a grand ol’ time with this family session. as most new family sessions usually pan […]

there’s so much joy in this one frame. i love the unique array of sessions i get to shoot. this one- her daughter set it up, actually. we shot on mother’s day. all because this lovely lady is moving to houston and she’s lived here her whole life. so we needed some skyline, some city […]

you can see a few bright changes on the blog and that’s because the blog needs to be an extension of my website. the truth is, i’ve been working like a mad woman, in between session and wedding edits, to launch a new one! my website has served me well for the past 4 years […]

i’ve had a bunch of emails lately from start-up photographers asking where do they start. you’ve asked what my best advice would be for learning, shooting, seeing the industry first hand. my response – SECOND SHOOT. i’m pretty open with my start-up story among friends and clients. i never knew i wanted to be a […]

i had been looking forward to this session for a very long time. i had only met melissa once quite a long time ago when she lived in chicago for a bit. since meeting her, she’s been following my work and so when she got engaged to her soulmate, the emails started coming. i was […]